Discipleship Ministry:

Our Discipleship Ministry has been a critical component to building strong faith, convictions, and desire to serve among the membership of the church.  It falls within two portions.  Initially, in Level I, the disciple is assigned a trained discipler who meets with him (usually once a week) at a time that is mutually convenient.  The discipler will lead the disciple through sixteen lessons on doctrine and practical Christian living.  The disciple will do some self-study between meetings, and memorize certain Bible verses, which he will say to his discipler the next time they meet. 

For those who wish to go further, after completing the sixteen week study, there is the Level II discipleship course.  That consists of twenty weeks of additional group and individual study, and additional Bible memorization.  After completing the Level II course, the disciple is qualified to begin taking others through the Level I discipleship course.  The motto of the Discipleship is "Reproducing Reproducers."